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So you were reading your "Web Design For Dummies" book and still couldn't figure out what it's all about?
That is when TessyWeb comes into the game. TessyWeb is a sophisticated web-based tool that simplifies the creation of websites. With this system users can create professional looking websites without technical knowledge and without installing any specialized software.
An important appeal is that the TessyWeb system significantly saves money and time for the user. They can easily build professional looking websites, blogs, image galleries, e-shops, product catalogues, etc. Web pages are created with simple Drag-and-Drop technology as opposed to time consuming programming or using complicated administration toolkits. No programming and database skills are required.
Fully interactive page editing allows users to add web content (images, polls, forums, etc.) simply by dragging them from the TessyWeb toolbar onto the webpage. It is possible to create flexible menus, manage sections for articles or customize dynamic lists.
TessyWeb is geared towards advanced Web 2.0 projects, all done with ease, completely on-line.


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Exclusive first-look at new drag and drop E-shop technology

20/01/2009 21:51
TessyWeb has a new technical feature that takes ecommerce to new heights by integrating the first ever drag and drop e-shop with our progressive and popular on-line builder. Like our site editor your e-shop has a new non-technical approach that produces awesome results that at the very least...