Social Features

20/01/2009 23:49

TessyWeb has a range of social features that can form a community centered on your website. TessyWeb is not just satisfied with you designing great websites with our technology for free, but also wants to see your website receiving the public interest it deserves.

Bookmark & Share

Give your visitors the chance to store interesting pages of your website. Offer them social bookmarking. This technology allows users to collect or publish their favorite sites with popular bookmark services. TessyWeb supports Bookmarks & Share technology for services e.g., Digg, Google bookmark, Facebook, Twitter and more. Missing your service? You can easily add it by yourself.


Help your visitors find information on your website easily. Use our tagging feature. This modern socializing technology allows you to tag anything on your website so that it can be easily found by the public. Tag your articles, photos or items in lists so that your readers can quickly tell the purpose of your content by briefly scanning tags.

RSS Forwarding

RSS management is essential for websites that want to issue news feeds. TessyWeb has RSS support that you can also forward to external RSS channel services (eg. FeedReader). This is a great way to get more users. Rapidly deliver your news to readers and find out how your feeds are performing on the internet. Share your RSS feeds with whoever you like.

Use Third Party Services

If there is any third party services you want to use, TessyWeb can easily integrate them. For example, integrate Google analytics for detailed site statistics. Want to use your own web based service? Just enter your HTML code into a TessyWeb template with ease.

Plenty of Gadgets and Widgets

Insert into your page an interactive map from Google, play YouTube videos, share files you have on, add an online payment interface through Paypal or share photographs you have on Flikr. Need more? We have directly incorporated a gadget gallery supported by Google Gadgets, YourMinis, SpringWidgets and others.

Modify any Message in TessyWeb

TessyWeb supports more than ten languages that you can build your website in. Missing your language? You can translate or modify any message that is used in your website. You are not just limited to English. TessyWeb allows users to go inside the system and rewrite content so that interactive messages are replaced by customized ones, in any language you please.


And you can do all of the above without any programming experience!