Exclusive first-look at new drag and drop E-shop technology

20/01/2009 21:51

TessyWeb has a new technical feature that takes ecommerce to new heights by integrating the first ever drag and drop e-shop with our progressive and popular on-line builder. Like our site editor your e-shop has a new non-technical approach that produces awesome results that at the very least matches the best professional ecommerce sites have to offer.

Like TessyWeb’s lists feature, the new e-shop allows you to add products, attach an image, give it a description with details and attach buttons directly so that purchases can be made instantly. You can even modify each step your customer makes during the purchase from adding to their cart to entering details to the final confirmation page, you control this flow and how it looks.

The administration page allows you to make the necessary settings for your e-shop including forms of currency, multiple payment methods such as Visa, PayPal or bank wire and to set various types of shipping methods such by post, UPS or FedEx. However you want your e-shop to work, you define those conditions, how you want, whenever you want. You can slash prices, provide a discount, identify special deals and highlight newly added items.

Users will create an account on your site and from this you will be able to see the status of orders, change that status, see a purchase history of a user, modify that history or user details and stay in contact with your user throughout their shopping experience.