20/01/2009 23:14

The TessyWeb system is a powerful tool that completely manages your entire web project. Anyone, without any technical know-how, can create and manage advanced web presentations, easily. There is no need to install anything on your computer or server. Everything is made available through your web browser.

TessyWeb includes a revolutionary unique tool for website publishing (TessyWeb Builder), advanced website statistics (TessyWeb Statistics) and webmail (TessyWeb E-mail).

TessyWeb Builder

TessyWeb Builder allows users to easily and quickly run a website. It's a ground-breaking web administration tool for individuals and companies. You can use it as a standard website, blog, image gallery, e-shop, product catalogue, etc. Powerful website pages are created with simple drag-and-drop technology as opposed to time consuming programming or using complicated administration toolkits.

Fully interactive page editing allows you to add web content (images, polls, forums, etc.) simply by dragging them from the TessyWeb toolbar onto your webpage. You are able to create flexible menus, manage sections for your articles or customize dynamic lists. Use multiple image upload to create beautiful photo galleries. Resize, rotate, crop and restore images on-line in your browser. Create your own template to produce a high-end unique website with gorgeous content.

TessyWeb  E-mail

TessyWeb E-mail is a powerful webmail solution for reading and managing your e-mails. You get a TessyWeb live e-mail account with an easy interface. You can work with folders to manage your messages, e.g. folders with archiving and document protection. Use keywords to instantly search e-mails or within attachments. All e-mail composing and formatting is done on-line. TessyWeb E-mail contains a contact manager, an intelligent spam detection system and anti-virus. You may also use the IMAP protocol to access your mailbox.

TessyWeb  Statistics

TessyWeb Statistics is an outstanding marketing tool for monitoring and analyzing your website traffic. Detailed analysis includes page hits, unique visitors, data transferred, browser types, search engines, keywords, etc. TessyWeb statistics helps you to study the behavior of visitors. Find out which parts of your website work towards your goals. See hits, page views, visits, first visit, unique users, repeat visitors, new visitors, impressions, singletons and bounce rates.