20/01/2009 23:41

TessyWeb has a range of technical features to harness your creative ability with the on-line builder. 


Afordable to  Use

TessyWeb is a very unexpensive tool. You don’t have to worry about money. You don’t have to pay anything. There are no gimmicks. No strings attached. Just use our technology.

Interactive Editing

TessyWeb is real-time. This means that you will see your changes as you make them on your page. You don’t need any graphic or programming skills to create powerful websites. TessyWeb does everything for you, live!


Want to add a poll or discussion forum on your article? Just drag it from the toolbar and drop it in the place you want it displayed on the page. With dozens of drag-and-drop objects you can build anything you want, anyway you want it. Use polls, photo galleries, articles, lists, catalogues, and sales gadgets to sell products in an instant. TessyWeb constantly updates to add countless components as soon as they become popular on the net.

Multi-user Access

As website administrator you can grant limited or full administration control of your web project over to other users so that they can edit and work on your site. They can work with either email or web design or can be assigned to both email and web design.

Multi-language Website

You can present your project in multiple languages from a menu list on your site. Choose from an extensive list by adding or deleting languages at your convenience.

Password Protected Pages

You can add password protection to each page. Generate a list of usernames, each one with a specific password or have a single password that unlocks each page.

Dynamic Lists

Create your own database structures in just a few clicks. Modify the layout of dynamic lists as you wish. Want to have five products per page and use paging? Just adjust the settings. You don’t need to program anything! Our lists contain active content that gives the user full control over what is shown, where it is shown and how it is shown. Lists can be used as a product catalogue, list of references, directories or whatever you need.

E-commerce Support

Sell your products or services. TessyWeb can accept credit card payments from VISA or MasterCard, etc. Make money with on-line integrated payment systems from PayPal or Google Checkout. No need for long setup processes and bank manager talk sessions. Just sell, sell and sell some more using our instant e-commerce suites.

Photo Gallery

TessyWeb has an advanced photo gallery manager with image manipulation tools for quick editing, cropping, resizing, rotating and management. You can use multiple file upload, edit images with TessyWeb and publish the retouched images instantly on the net, without having to install any photo editing software what-so-ever. You can change the order of images simply by using drag-and-drop.

On-line Document Editing

TessyWeb gives you access to an exclusive way of editing your documents on-line without having to install any software. Edit your word, excel and image files on-line in TessyWeb. You don’t need any document or graphic software on your PC. This is one of a range of our unique features.

Free Templates

Choose from more than 40 free website templates that you can customize. Use a special content that gets displayed globally on every page, such as a global poll. If you want to have a very original design, create and import your own template. TessyWeb allows you to edit CSS and HTML code through your browser.

Use Your Own Domain

You can use your own domain name (e.g. and assign it to your TessyWeb project for free. You are also allowed to register a new domain through the TessyWeb portal.

Fast Multiple File Uploading

It has never been easier to upload files and directories with the click of a button. Forget old fashioned FTP or tortuous uploading through web forms. Use TessyWeb’s file management for speedy multiple transferring with easy file and folder organization. You don’t need to install any software on your computer, just use your Internet browser.

Gadgets Galore and Wonderful Widgets

TessyWeb has a list of gadgets and widgets such as Tags, Google Maps, Live Maps, Yahoo! Maps, YouTube, Google Video, Soapbox, Flickr, Photobucket,, Windows Live SkyDrive, PollDaddy, Google Gadgets, YourMinis, SpringWidgets, PayPal and Google Checkout. You can easily add any third party gadgets.

Publish All Changes at Once

One click publishing will redefine how you get your website onto the Internet. Manage your content, preview, make changes and then in one click produce all your changes on-line for the public. No need to download, edit and upload your changes ever again.